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Business Developer (Accounting & Reporting) - ABN AMRO

Location: Amsterdam
Salary: € 5174 - € 7392 a month
Employment: Full-time

At a glance

You are the pivot between Finance and Risk (F&R) policy, reporting needs, data modelling and the data-sourcing business units. You advise on F&R data-definitions, support the mapping between local and the central reporting data-model and measure the quality of the delivered data-elements.

Working environment

SSF Data Sourcing Team is part of the Finance and Risk Reporting GRID and responsible that for new (most times) regulatory driven reporting need the granular data is collected from the different business entities across the bank. The data delivered has to meet the requirements on data quality, the reporting data-model standards (the so-called FRIM / SSF format) and obviously be consistent with the business definition glossary.  

The SSF Data Sourcing Team has 3 sub-teams: (1) SSF Sourcing Factory (responsible for liaising with local business units to explain data-definitions, help them to map their data-model against the group standards and monitor the progress against roadmaps), 2) SSF Oversight Team (responsible for the intake on new requirements, developing and maintaining the data quality profiling and act as knowledge carrier for the SSF Sourcing Factory and 3) SSF Controlled Sourcing (configuration management, data lineage).

The department consists of an international team of business developers (12 people) in the field of Regulatory reporting. The sourcing department is the expertise with regard to identifying, interpreting and assessing the impact of changes to sourcing needs in respect to changes in regulatory reporting and translating this in reporting- and process implementation requirements. This position is specifically for the team responsible for data sourcing for the data model.

Your job

Depending on your experience and preferences you will start in the SSF Sourcing Factory or in the SSF Oversight Team.

As a business developer in the SSF Sourcing Factory you will be the specialist who understands the reporting requirements and how these are connected to the standard data-model, which is recorded in sourcing instructions. Through your knowledge and experience on banking-products you are able to explain the data-definitions via sourcing instructions to the data-owners across the bank. To do this successfully, you have frequent contact with the business analysts of the different reporting projects, data-owners within the (local) finance and risk areas and reporting teams to refine requirements. Besides the content part, it is also your job to monitor the progress of the delivery against milestones and you are not afraid to step in when sufficient progress is blocked.

As a business developer in the SSF Oversight team, you are the expert on banking products and (basic) accounting standards. It is your role to understand new requirements, check to what extend these are covered by (new versions of) the SSF data model and liaise with reporting policy teams to ensure that sourcing instructions are correct, complete and sufficient to work with for the members of the SSF Sourcing Factory. The SSF Oversight Team is the gatekeeper to ensure that we deliver high-quality and initiates and designs checks on data.

For both roles it is important that you are accurate, like to work on details and understand the importance of having well documented instructions, on the other hand it is important to keep a sharp eye on the progress.

This job is a good opportunity to see the different sides of ABN AMRO and gaining in-depth knowledge on the combination of banking-processes, reporting standards and the different data-consuming platforms.

Your profile

  • >5 years experience in the Banking Industry, especially in the mid- of backoffice and/or data-hubs
  • You must have proven knowledge on common banking-products and experience with reporting chains: PD, IFRS9, Loan Tapes, Large Exposures are familiar terminology for you
  • Strong preference with data collection and enhanced measurement of data quality and experience with data-mitigation
  • Communicator, not afraid to be critical and push for results
  • Self-starter / pro-active
  • Good eye for details
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Excellent with Excel
  • Master degree / Bachelor degree in the field of finance (or experience)
  • Experience in building dashboards

We are offering

A job at the front-line of regulatory developments, in a great team with a mix of experience, drive and dedication, offering loads of (well-guided and non-threatening) learning opportunities and of course a good salary in Hay 11. 


If you are interested, apply for this job and send in your resume and application letter. Would you like to have some more information on the function first, please contact John Zoetekouw (john.zoetekouw@nl.abnamro.com), the PO of the Data Sourcing team or Maarten Vrolijks (maarten.vrolijks@nl.abnamro.com), the head of F&R Data Sourcing.

We look forward to meeting you!

Equal opportunities for all

The success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people and the ideas that they have. Truly surprising insights and innovative solutions for our clients result from an interplay of cultures, knowledge and experience. Diversity is therefore extremely important to our organisation. To ensure that everyone at ABN AMRO can develop their talents, we encourage an inclusive culture in which all colleagues feel engaged and appreciated.

Disclaimer external recruitment agencies

External recruitment agencies need to have a signed agreement with ABN AMRO BANK N.V., executed by a Talent Acquisition Specialist, when submitting a resume to a vacancy. In addition, a recruitment agency can only submit a resume when invited by a Talent Acquisition Specialist to join the search for a right candidate. All unsolicited resumes sent to us will be considered property of ABN AMRO BANK N.V. In this case, ABN AMRO will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.



Information and application:


Please send your application for Business Developer (Accounting & Reporting) at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam including your CV via our website.

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Job posted

06 april 2023
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More information:

Would you like to have some more information on the function first, please contact John Zoetekouw (john.zoetekouw@nl.abnamro.com), the PO of the Data Sourcing team or Maarten Vrolijks (maarten.vrolijks@nl.abnamro.com), the head of F&R Data Sourcing.

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