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Cloud Data Engineer - ABN AMRO Bank

Location: Amsterdam
Employment: Full-time
The world is changing rapidly and our role is changing with it. We are committed to a sustainable, stable and secure financial system. Detecting financial crime is therefore on top of our agenda.

We are looking for a

Cloud Data Engineer

Our Story

But with that we don't tell you anything new, because you read the newspaper. You are socially involved, honest and curious. You want the right thing for customers, the society and the bank.

Within Detecting Financial Crime (DFC) we have brought together all activities to fight money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption. By combining knowledge, expertise and strengths, we are better able to bring down financial crime while implementing new developments. Advancing technology is not a threat but an opportunity. Not only can we improve our investigative work, it also makes organized crime increasingly sophisticated. Detecting financial crime is therefore an ongoing process that demands the utmost attention from our expertise and alertness day in, day out.

Your job

As an Cloud Data Engineer, you will start within one of the IT parts of DFC. The team enables the whole DFC organization with a state of the art data platform, on which analysts, data scientist and crime fighters love to do their part of the job. As a Data Engineer you have a clear vision on the latest technologies and best practices in Azure bringing our platform to another level.

Your responsibilities

- Extracting and transforming data
- Experimenting with new ETL and Azure tools and technologies
- You will be part of a DevOps team so Development and Ops activities will go hand in hand
- Move in a Scrum / Agile environment
- Take the lead in further developing the data platform
- Be an inspiration to the team, share your knowledge and offer guidance
- Building smooth pipelines towards production is the norm
- Closely cooperate with the data scientists

Your qualifications

- Experience with Azure Cloud
- Experience with CICD pipelines
- Excellent in analytical thinking
- Experience with Python
- Experience in big data
- Experience with Agile and DevOps way of working
- Creative and problem-solving mind
- Good interpersonal communications: Presenting solutions, coaching and helping team members
- Good to have knowledge of Azure Data factory, Azure Databricks and Azure Dataflow

The work environment

Working within DFC means working at an organizational unit that is in full development and has grown strongly in the past year. In addition to your daily work, things such as (personal) development, vitality, inspiration, pleasure and involvement are important. All this contributes to the fact that we can continue to build a successful organization together with you. We expressly expect you to set an example for the team. Stimulating and enthusing your team members is part of this.

We are a diverse team with team members of different ages, from different countries and from different backgrounds. The language of instruction is generally English. We organize ourselves in an agile / scrum way. We are a full-fledged DevOps team. A team that takes full responsibility for every step in the development and maintenance process of our IT systems; from requirements management to software maintenance. We strive to automate our processes as much as possible and to constantly look for opportunities to improve our systems and work, while we have fun.

Open, self-organizing, passionate, taking responsibility, hardworking, team player, helpful, structured, curious and fun are some of the keywords that belong to our team members.

As an organization and team, we will fully support you in your further development. A curriculum specifically tailored to this position and your ambitions is available. We take the time and have the patience to help you with anything you want to learn. We are also very curious about what you can still teach us. Knowledge sharing is key in our team!


If you find this story interesting and fits your expectations and qualifications, please apply online. If you have questions you can contact alphons.dashorst@nl.abnamro.com (Scrum Master), kim.koelman@nl.abnamro.com (Engineering Lead) or apply to the vacancy.



Information and application:


Please send your application for Cloud Data Engineer at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam including your CV via our website.

Job posted

08 november 2021
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More information:

If you find this story interesting and fits your expectations and qualifications, please apply online. If you have questions you can contact alphons.dashorst@nl.abnamro.com (Scrum Master), kim.koelman@nl.abnamro.com (Engineering Lead) or apply to the vacancy.

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