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Data Modeler - NN

Location: The Hague
Employment: Full-time
As Data Modeler, you will contribute in the data modelling across all initiatives included in the ALFRED roadmaps.

Like many Financial Institutions, NN has a history of incrementally developing several parallel reporting flows to fulfil our reporting obligations. As the reporting pressure is ever increasing, the maintenance and reconciliation of parallel reporting flows, containing basically the same data, will not remain sustainable on the long run.

Following our mantra” Publish once, use often!” we are building our own data backbone: ALFRED, which will be the single source of truth for all Finance and Risk data. ALFRED will be the pillar under our ambitious Finance and Risk roadmap for the coming years and key in our road towards a digitalised Finance organization. The keystone of this data backbone is a 3NF ERD-data Hub where all data is curated, standardized, harmonised and historized.

In 2022 we are executing the last phase of the IFRS9&17 program before going live as 1st of January 2023, where the line organization will take over the lead in the runs and will execute four parallel runs next to the current IFRS4 reporting. The focus for the coming quarters is shifting towards operational readiness. In addition, other programs in our Finance Roadmap will want to leverage on ALFRED by onboarding their data so are getting up to speed and require functional development going forward. This changes the focus and increases complexity because of the different tracks, brings along new challenges in terms of data modelling.

Bearing this in mind, the integrity and flexibility of the ALFRED Logical Data model is critical to us.  For this reason the role of Data Modeling expert who can become the mastermind of our Common Data Model (CDM) for Assets, Liabilities, Finance, Risk and Entity Data is added to the team.

Your Impact

In short, you will contribute in the data modelling across all initiatives included in the ALFRED roadmaps. As a data modeler, you will be working closely with data architects and data analysts to implement data modeling solutions in order to streamline and support enterprise information management.

To ensure success as a data modeler, you should have in-depth knowledge of data warehousing, as well as exceptional communication skills. Ultimately, a top-notch data modeler should be able to design models that reduce data redundancy, streamline data movements, and improve enterprise information management. Although we can bring in a vast body of knowledge on finance & Risk in insurance, basic understanding of reporting processes in financial institutions is required to have constructive conversations with us on the content.

Your responsibilities

You will work closely with the PO of the ALFRED Devops. Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing and translating business needs into long-term solution data models and evaluating existing data systems
  • Working with the development team to understand conceptual data models and data flows
  • Translation of the conceptual data models into our CDM logical model that is kept and maintained in PowerDesigner and developing best practices for data coding to ensure consistency within the system
  • Reviewing modifications of existing systems for cross-compatibility and Implementing data strategies and developing physical data models
  • Updating and optimizing local and metadata models and evaluating implemented data systems for variances, discrepancies, and efficiency

Who you are

  • Constantly align with both business and development sides in order to design the data storage that responds to the existing business requirements and complies to the available architectural solution
  • Knowledge and experience of relational data modelling techniques, mainly 3NF and snowflake relational data modelling methodologies
  • Hands-on experience with conceptual, logical and physical data models in order to ensure the vertical data lineage
  • Experience in creating and maintaining the horizontal data lineage - end to end data traceability. Involvement in creation of the data catalog by maintaining
    metadata information and experience with data integration projects, including reference data and data quality frameworks in an Agile environment
  • Understanding of metadata management and related tools: Power Designer, Enterprise Architect, Erwin, Oracle Data Modeler, Infosphere Data Architect

Your colleagues

You will be part of the ALFRED DevOps which is part of the Liability Accounting department, of the Financial Service Centre.

Continue developing

It is important to us that you continue to develop yourself. We give you the space and the confidence to grow in your career as well as a person. We help you with:

  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities in our Learning & Development Centre
  • A large (international) network of colleagues who are keen to share their knowledge with you
  • The autonomy to set out your own development path?

Employee benefits

You are more than a colleague and that is something we understand very well at NN. You have many roles in life, leading to different choices. At NN we give you the opportunity to select employee benefits that are important to you. For instance buying additional leave days and flexible working hours. In consultation with your manager and your direct colleagues, you are able to work out of any location at any time. You get enough flexibility to adjust your working pattern to your personal needs. Also part of the benefits are (currently online) sports lessons and a special allowance to set up your home office and internet use. In addition, you will receive:

  • Collective pension scheme with a personal contribution of only 6%
  • 194.4 hours of leave, based on a 36-hour week (that’s 27 vacation days for a 5-day working week) and one Diversity Day
  • Holiday allowance and a 13th month, paid with your monthly salary
  • NS Business Card 2nd class, which gives you unlimited travel 7 days a week. Do you prefer to travel with your own transport? Then you can declare the kilometres travelled for business and commuting

The team uses a hybrid way of working and can work from both our The Hague and Rotterdam offices when desired.

Will you be our new colleague?

If you are enthusiastic about this vacancy and think that you would be a good fit for the team at NN, we would like to invite you to apply. We are very keen to find out who you are, what motivates you and what you can contribute to this role at NN.

Apply now

If you have any questions about the vacancy, you can reach out via phone or WhatsApp to Simona Magdalina, Manager of ALFRED DevOps, via +31 631940888. Any questions about the process can be directed to Nora Sanoussi, Recruiter, via +31 6611248652 or Nora.Sanoussi@nn-group.com .

This is a permanent position. A candidate will receive a contract from NN and we are not open to in term/freelance assignments and/or candidates or recruitment agencies. Thank you very much for your understanding.


The Hague

Information and application:


Please send your application for Data Modeler at NN in The Hague including your CV via our website.

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Job posted

20 april 2022
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More information:

If you have any questions about the vacancy, you can reach out via phone or WhatsApp to Simona Magdalina, Manager of ALFRED DevOps, via +31 631940888.

Any questions about the process can be directed to Nora Sanoussi, Recruiter.

Nora Sanoussi
m. 06 1124 8652

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