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Data Scientist - Fraud/ Cybercrime - ABN AMRO

Location: Amstelveen
Employment: Full-time
ABN AMRO is a future driven bank where the client comes first. Hard work is being done to implement innovations. Sustainability, availability, safety and transparency are important focus points.  

We are looking for a

Data Scientist - Fraud/ Cybercrime

At a glance

“I dive into big data and like to puzzle, as long as needed, until I have found the solution” 
“My future dream: to automatically signal and block fraudulent and criminal activities” 

Do these statements sound like you? Then this opening is for you! 
The Grid CISO Channel Security is responsible for fraud detection and prevention for all online activities of the bank. Think for example of phishing and the spread of malware. In addition, the bank is responsible for duty of care for the client. That means not only that the fraud needs to be detected, but also that the client needs to be warned about extreme, risky investments, Marktplaats fraud and invoice fraud.   

Your job

The team has many interesting ideas about what is possible with the data they have. A lot is happening in the area of data analysis. Where the team sees growth is in creating insights into the predictive value of the available data: the transition from analysis to data science!  
It is a complex puzzle in which one needs to discover, which information can be use to predict fraud and cybercriminal behaviour. And this is exactly the assignment that you as Data Scientist Fraud/Cybercrime on the department of Fraud monitoring in the Grid CISO Channel Security would be busy with. You think of innovative solutions to identify the fraud cases even faster and more accurately. 

What's in it for you?? 
-The goal of your work is very concrete: prevention of fraud and cybercriminality! 
-Your work has a high societal relevance.  
-Lots of freedom to discover trends in data.  
-There are many personal growth opportunities. 

On the basis of many parameters you will dive into the data to identify patterns and determine thresholds. With the help of Pyspark, Python and SQL you will work with big data. Think about features like time, amount, location, payment method, merchant type and transaction history of the client. Everything is pulled out of the cupboard to identify fraud cases. By being innovative and creative, and via trial and error, you ensure that the ideas (use-cases) from the team are tested and implemented in practice. 
When you start, you will work with the team to get familiar with the material. Together with your manager you will make a learning path whereby you become an expert in the area of fraud/cyber Data science. 

How does your work day look like? You will be busy with: 

  • Analysis of data around fraud  
  • Preparation of the data 
  • Recognition and recording of patterns in models 
  • Use of machine learning and advanced analytics techniques 
  • Working according to the Agile and Dev/Ops philosophy. That means your work happens in small iterations, you are flexible and you work closely with colleagues inside and outside your team.  

Working environment

Channel Security within CISO is responsible for the prevention and detection of e-fraud and the policy and strategy in the area of fraud. Within the Grid different tools and applications are being developed. CISO is recognised as having an informal work atmosphere where everyone has a heart for their job and is prepared to help others.  

Your profile

ou are a smart beta, who has completed a WO study in for example mathematics, econometrics, or physics. You have work experience as a data scientist (+3 years). From your previous work it is clear that you have a real passion for advanced analytics.  

If your profile matches these points - that is for sure a plus! 
• SQL / PostgreSQL 
• Big data, distributed data and Spark framework 
• Modelling/programming (strong preference for Python, but also Matlab, R)?
• (Advanced) Data Analytics with experience using DataBricks 
• Knowledge of machine learning classifiers, clustering- , boosting algorithms and anomaly detection 
• Feature engineering
• Data mapping with business stakeholders (payment channels, client data etc.) 
• Stakeholder management
• A drive to learn about and solve fraud  
• Knowledge and experience with data engineering  

Your profile:
1. Accurate
2. Researcher/ Analytical 
3. Innovation driven
4. Team player
5. Persistent 

We are offering

  • The freedom to get the best out of yourself, flexible work and growth opportunities.
  • The potential to work from home, every now and then, is possible in agreement with your manager. We offer good facilities for flexible working from home.   
  • We help you to stay fit and vital.  
  • A personal development budget of € 1.000 per year 
  • An OV-year subscription 
  • A good pension arrangement 



Information and application:


Please send your application for Data Scientist - Fraud/ Cybercrime at ABN AMRO Bank in Amstelveen including your CV via our website.

Job posted

10 december 2021
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More information:

Are you interested? React now online to this opportunity. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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