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Data Solution Engineer - ABN AMRO Bank

Locatie: Amsterdam

We are looking for a:

Data Solution Engineer

Do you want to bring banking as we know it to the next level and contribute to the biggest digital revolution in Dutch banking history? Do you have affinity with data and the data integration and do you agree with us that data is at the core of the value we can bring to our customers?  We are reinventing the data landscape and work on the bank’s data marketplace. This is a seamless and single portal experience, where you provide securely and use quickly, the data needed. Are you passionate about designing and building it?
With us, you can put your passion into action!We are looking for a hands-on Solution engineer who has proven experience in designing and building big data platforms on Hadoop and azure.

Your job

To speed up and strengthen the digital & data transformation we are searching the best data engineer (architect) to help us. With helping we mean that you:

  • can translate the conceptual future state & Enterprise Architecture into a working solution architecture for our development teams
  • understand the public cloud solutions (AWS, Azure) and their respective Big data, Advanced Analytics and Database offerings so you can include them into our architectures
  • understand the data technologies of today and tomorrow and know how to implement them in effective way
  • support or work in our scrum teams with the design of their data solution by interact with them and guide them through the various possibilities to implement the architecture you design with them
  • will interact with the rest of the organization, from business lines to other development teams
  • must innovate, experiment and advice on applying new technologies
  • are a team player willing to be part of a team with engineers. You team up with them on a regular basis to learn, improve and explore new ways of working

Examples of the epics/episodes you could work on:

  • Data streaming solutions (Kafka)
  • Big data platform on cloud (Microsoft)
  • Remain compliant with regulators (such as GDPR)
  • Security framework
  • Meta data framework
  • Enabling of self-service BI tooling
  • Aware of the latest trends in data and bring smart ideas to the table.

your working environment

With a combination of goodies straight from the market leaders (such as Kafka confluent, Databricks, PowerBI, Cosmos, Cloudera/Horton works) and self-build tooling CADM Data & Analytics is the data heart of ABN AMRO. In this team it is acknowledged that the status quo needs to be broken and that radical modernization of the way we treat data is necessary. Therefore, the possibilities are vast. Building software is great but creating value out of seven petabytes of data is better! While this means we value our top-notch quality standard, you will be surprised by the informal atmosphere in which we do this. You are part of a (scrum)team and you will guide and assist the various agile scrum teams by translating Enterprise architectures into solutions using the latest technologies.

Your profile

As you can see, we have certain expectations. Ideally, you already fit into them. If you do not, but feel you can grow into such an expert, we are also very interested to meet you!
Required skills

  • You can tell your colleagues when you should go for a traditional RDBMS or when it is better to move to a public cloud solution that fits better the performance needs. In other words: you know what you're talking about.
  • You not only understand the technical part, but you are also aware that to create value out of vast amounts of data, you need to implement tools to analyze this, with all its aspects
  • You have proven experience in the big data world on the cloud
  • You can not only suggest and advise solutions to the development teams, but you are also able roll up your sleeves get your architecture work
  • You have an exploratory and eager mindset, on the lookout for new developments, but you understand that for sustainability adopting certain standards are required
  • You know TOGAF and tools like ArchiMate and how these can help you in your work as architect
  • A team player, willing to help others and share knowledge whenever you think you can

Nice-to-have skills

  • We prefer to see an education in Computer Science, Information Science, Econometrics or Mathematics
  • Skills in Data tooling and Data related Programming Languages are (depending on the level of application) either a big advantage to understand and advise the development teams you support. Please find examples in the previous section.

What we offer

  • A good salary
  • Substantial education possibilities and a public transportation card.
  • A large responsibility, and the freedom to do your job
  • A well-equipped office, and all required facilities to do your job
  • Freedom to use various cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Azure
  • Opportunities to visit (tech-related) seminars
  • Required investments to boost your personal skills
  • A client base of +/- 5mio users for you to make an impact on
  • Informal atmosphere with plenty of room for fun and learning by doing



Information and application:


Please send your application for Data Solution Engineer at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam including your CV via our website.

Job posted

27 september 2019
Apply Now

More information:

Apply directly via our website or contact Eric Klein Bog (eric.klein.bog@nl.abnamro.com) if you have any more questions.   We look forward to meeting you! 

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