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Growth Marketer (Dutch & English language skills) - NN

Location: Amsterdam
Salary: € 4206 - € 6009 a month
Employment: Full-time

Are you looking for a role where you can actually make a difference? Would you like to experience what it feels like being part of a start-up/scale-up while having the solid background of a corporation behind you? Are you a nerd (or nerd-ish) who is always up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing?  Check out this role – we might be a match!

This job offers you a monthly salary between € 4.206,- and € 6.009,- depending on your experience. This is based on a 36-hour work week, excluding a 13th month and holiday allowance.

The impact of the Growth Marketer

Nationale-Nederlanden has strong ambitions to become an awesome tech-driven company offering relevant services for its clients with kick-ass user experience. 

To achieve this ambition, we work extensively on building digital solutions which answer existing customer problems and pains. Such solutions include Zelf, a service platform for ZZP’ers on the Dutch market; and Electrifleet, a service that aims at helping SMEs become more sustainable and profitable by investing in electric vehicles. These initiatives operate in a corporate environment but they are pretty much like small start-ups and scale-ups and we also treat them as such.

Your impact as a growth marketer is tangible on these initiatives as you are responsible for the digital marketing activities of the given initiative (either Zelf or Electrifleet). Your ultimate goal is to support the team by getting the right customers on the website by building the right funnels to attract them. At the same time is also your role to gain a deeper understanding of our customer needs and guide the development process by setting up quantitative experiments. You join the project with your innovation mindset and growth hacking expertise. With a certain creativity, you come up with the best possible approach to set up the experiments and campaigns and to analyse and interpret the data.

Are you an agent of change and able to create waves with your actions?  Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Can you surprise us with undetected opportunities and markets? Then you might be the right fit for us!

What you will do

At this role you will need to leverage your knowledge and experience in the digital marketing domain.

  • You will work closely with the lead of your initiative to identify what customer needs need to be validated before making further decisions.
  • With creativity, you come up with online quantitative experiments to validate and improve new ideas, features, channels, audiences etc.
  • It is your responsibility to find interesting prospects, paying customers and retain them. You do this on paid and our owned channels. You will need to be able to create and set up the campaigns on different platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). As the matter of fact, we will ask you to identify the platforms and their opportunities. Besides our paid channels, we will also ask you to identify and work on improvements for our website, e-mail marketing and automations. You optimize conversions using quantitative proof (A/B testing, usability testing etc.).
  • As a real data-driven professional, you see data as the firm foundation of our stable future. Without data, it is almost impossible to make the right decisions. You know everything about Google analytics and other tooling. You are the one who explains this very well to your team members.
  • Your growth hacking skillset assists you very well, and having a broad understanding of customer journey mapping, business modelling, UX, copy and design is also crucial.

You work with

While you will become part of a large corporation, you will support an internal start-up or scale-up of NN, combining the best of both worlds. These internal teams usually consists of 3-8 people, including the lead, development, UX design, content, etc. These propositions are part of the B2B Business continuity team which consists of +/- 20 people.

What you have to offer

  • You are an early adapter and you simply can’t wait to try the latest technologies.  You are familiar with the latest trends of digital marketing and you know when and how to use the best channels to reach the desired results.
  • You are a self-starter, you are willing to come up with proposal in terms of what to do next and you are also willing to challenge the people around you.
  • You have multiple years of experience as a digital marketer / growth hacker. You have a proven track-record working with innovation metrics and validation methodologies, online and offline
  • You can demonstrate your data-driven mindset and you understand why constant testing and learning is important.
  • Experience with B2B marketing is a plus.

Please note that for this role it is important that you have excellent English and Dutch communication skills. Both in speaking as well as in writing.

Continue developing

It is important to us that you continue to develop yourself. We give you the space and the confidence to grow in your career as well as a person. We help you with:

  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities in our Learning & Development Centre
  • A large (international) network of colleagues who are keen to share their knowledge with you
  • The autonomy to set out your own development path

Employee benefits

You are more than a colleague and that is something we understand very well at NN. You have many roles in life, leading to different choices. At NN we give you the opportunity to select employee benefits that are important to you. For instance buying additional leave days and flexible working hours. In consultation with your manager and your direct colleagues, you are able to work out of any location at any time. You get enough flexibility to adjust your working pattern to your personal needs. Also part of the benefits are allowances for setting up your home office and for internet use. In addition, you will receive:

  • Collective pension scheme with a personal contribution of only 6%
  • 194.4 hours of leave, based on a 36-hour week (that’s 27 vacation days for a 5-day working week) and one Diversity Day
  • Holiday allowance and a 13th month, paid with your monthly salary
  • NS Business Card 2nd class, which gives you unlimited travel 7 days a week. Do you prefer to travel with your own transport? Then you can declare the kilometres travelled for business and commuting.

At NN we work hybrid. We combine working from home and working in the office. Teams can meet online or in person. You and your team agree on what suits you best. We have set up our offices in such a way that there is a suitable place for every type of work. The official location for this job is The Hague, often the team works in Amsterdam:

As Growth Marketer you are based in our fantastic office in the Amstel district, close to Amsterdam Amstel station. To relax, you can walk along the Amstel or walk to the Weesperzijde with all its cafes and restaurants. You also have the option to work from the The Hague head office from NN and we are quite flexible when it comes to when and from where you work.

Will you be our new colleague?

If you are enthusiastic about this vacancy and think that you would be a good fit for the team at NN, we would like to invite you to apply. We are very keen to find out who you are, what motivates you and what you can contribute to this role at NN.

Apply now

If you have any questions about the vacancy, you can reach out via phone or WhatsApp to Fran Taihuttu (Proposition Lead Electrifleet) via +316 1103 1826 or Istvan Szokonya (Platform Lead Zelf) via +316 5009 21 64. We are planning on hiring two candidates for this role, one for each project. Any questions about the process can be directed to Iris Konijnendijk, Recruiter via +316 1357 8201.

This is a permanent position. A candidate will receive a contract from NN and we are not open to interim/freelance assignments and/or candidates or recruitment agencies. Thank you very much for your understanding.



Information and application:


Please send your application for Growth Marketer (Dutch & English language skills) at NN in Amsterdam including your CV via our website.

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Job posted

01 augustus 2022
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More information:

If you have any questions about the vacancy, you can reach out via phone or WhatsApp to Fran Taihuttu (Proposition Lead Electrifleet) via +316 1103 1826 or Istvan Szokonya (Platform Lead Zelf) via +316 5009 21 64.

Any questions about the process can be directed to Iris Konijnendijk, Recruiter.

Iris Konijnendijk
m. 06 13 57 82 01

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